Invalid config for [automation]: Device {config[CONF_DEVICE_ID]} not found

I’ve had this for some time, on every single boot I receive the below but everything else works…

Invalid config for [automation]: Device {config[CONF_DEVICE_ID]} not found.

I suspect its related to an old HUE device in one of my 130+ automation scripts but can’t find it anywhere. I removed my hue hub about 4-5 months ago and went Conbee II for all things zigbee.

Check config passes perfectly…

The only other thing it says is

(See /config/configuration.yaml, line 8).

line 8 is

automation: !include automations.yaml

Anyone have any suggestions where I can go to from here apart from temporally moving my entire automations.yaml to the configurations.yaml file?

Did you search in automations.yaml for that string ?

I did and nothing :frowning: :frowning:

any other ideas?

Just updated to 2021.10.6 and the log amazingly started including device_id: 1b0cca82dd1edadbc09739c5ef225948 - it was an old reference to a wall switch on Hue Hub before I moved all my Hue Switches and Lights across to Conbee USB II.

After finding and removing from automations.yaml - i now have ‘clean’ boot logs :slight_smile: