"Invalid config for [automation]: Missing input actions", how to identify the origin?

I get an error in my logs saying my automation is faulty.
I’ve tried to review it but it’s spread over a few files + some configuration is done via the UI.
The error is Invalid config for [automation]: Missing input actions
I’ve tried looking this up online but didn’t find anyone who got this error before, any ideas what to look for or how to narrow down the search options?

You have created an automation without any input action - like the error message said. Look at HA / Configuration / Automation or at your automation.yaml.

Have you thought about this … Rename some files which contain automations from .yaml to .disabled. Ideally you take one half of all your files. Do config-check. If still error, rename half of the remaining files until you dont have the error. If hou dont have the error any longer you rename all lastly .disabled files to .yaml again bc it must be in these files. You continue to disable half of those files until you have the file which causes the problem. Will take you max 8 tries for 256 files until you have identified the suspect.