Invalid JSON in response... once again :/

Welp this is the 2nd time this happened, all I did was add some new cards to my dashboard, I go to restart and then come back to “Invalid JSON in response” and a “Reload UI” button that does nothing.

Logs show absolutely nothing as they won’t even load, at least not at the point where this error came, so not much help at all… Last time this happened for the same reason I had to restore an old backup, I really cba to do that atm and would really love to get this crap solved so it doesn’t happen again.


HAOS booting from SSD
Home Assistant: 2022.11.5
Supervisor: 2022.11.2
Operating System: 9.3
Frontend: 20221108.0 - latest

This happened to me once during development of a custom integration. First, turn on debug level logging for home assistant. For me the root cause was a # sign in a entity Id.

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