Invalid Netatmo integration configuration

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@cgtobi does HA 0.115.6 contains the Netatmo integration maintained by you recently in HACS?
Or those are comppletely separate things?
I’m asking because after update to v0.115.6, I lost all netatmo entities. In log I can see following message in log:

HACS informs about new version of the integration but clicking Update does nothing :frowning:

On the other hand I’ve seen a note in HA changelog that you updated Netatmo integration.

thank you

The beta that was available via HACS is outdated and not maintained anymore/right now. All features/changes were merged into the official integration.

Thank you however after removing beta integration and HA restart it’s not possible to add official integration. It ends with pop-up: Aborted.
Nothing more. Nothing in logs.

Checking netatmo integration documentation I noticed it requires to add netatmo secrets to configuration files.
AFAIK beta was confirming access by executing auth against Netatmo servers. Isn’t it? Do I need to go old-school way now?

Edit: Now I noticed that all my sensors are working (maintaining entities name changes I’ve done). I suppose, when I called for the integration update, it has been executed but new versino started as official integration. On the other side HACS stucked seeing no updated version. So it looks like glitch in transition between beta and official.

with regards