Invalid Password makes snapshot-restore impossible?

Today I had to reinstall home-assistant and tried to restore one of my encrypted snapshots in the supervisor UI. But all I get is a “invalid password for snapshot xy”. Every week an automation (configured in configuration.yaml) makes a snapshot. My password is stored in !secrets and contains a "\" character. Might this cause the problem? I changed the password to “test” in the !secrets file, startet the automation and was able to restore the snapshot in supervisor afterwards. Changing back the password to the old one makes the snapshots unusable again. Now I’m stuck with snapshots I need but can’t restore.

Thanks for your help!

two “give it a try” solutions:

try a double \ in place of your single \

try without the slash

You could also try this:

Thanks. Unfortunately both versions don’t work.

I’ve seen this post but wasn’t able to execute the script. Can I execute the script in the terminal add-on?

I suspect you may not be able to because of the cryptography package dependency.

Run up a Linux live image or VM.

Got it. I had to type "\". That did it. At least kind of. It now restores from a snapshot, but doesn’t automatically boot after the restore. So I have to reboot manually. After that I see that it does restore the add-ons but nothing in the homeassistant-folder (.storage, yaml-files etc.). Guess I have to manually copy those form an unencrypted snapshot.

Anyway, thank you for help, it guided me in the right direction.