Invert Reed Sensor Status from MQTT

I have a shelly 1 flashed with the tasmota firmware and am using the switch status to tell me if a garage door is open or closed. The only issue is the reading from the reed switch is the inverse of reality (when the door reports closed, it’s actually open, when the door is open, it reports closed)

After setting up MQTT in Home Assistant it detected my relay switch and binary sensor. Shouldn’t there be a simple check box somewhere to invert the display of a binary sensor somewhere? How can I set this?

Everything was autodetected, I haven’t changed anything in the configuration.yaml file as of yet.

You can look here:

I’m not using tasmota, but i think this should be possible with the switchmode ?

it did end up working with switchmode[switch#] 2, I also had to set option114 1 which sent the switch as a unique MQTT message separate from the relay. Both now show up correctly without any modifications to .yaml files, thanks!