Invocations command for google assistant with HA

Hi, I’m a real HA noob. Just testing the waters thinking about switching from OpenHAB. I have mostly liked what I’ve seen so far and have just gotten around to trying to configure Google Assistant to do voice control of HA.

I haven’t finished configuring things yet (the manual approach, not the Home Assistant cloud approach), but the docs seem to be suggesting to me that I’m setting it up so that I will end up controlling things with commands like “OK google, tell [terrible invocation command] to turn on the bathroom lights” instead of just “OK google, turn on the bathroom lights”. Am I correct in thinking this? Is the Home Assistant cloud option different from this?

In OpenHAB I was able to use ‘OK google’ directly without a second invocation. If I need to say things like “OK google, tell Housy McHouseface to turn on the bathroom lights” then I don’t think Home Assistant will be for me.