Involuntary switching on of light

Hey there. Need an advice from you. I got home today and all lights were on, here is what I can see

They all just turned on. All lights I have.
I do have a script, which does that, but it was not triggered.
And I do not have a button for turning on all lights

I did not find anything in logs file. Where can I find more info?

Only thing that could turn on all lights is siri. But nobody says that he did that. There was not even anybody at home.

do you by chance have a script / automation that turns all lights on if 3an (sorry no russian keyboard) turn on?
It looks like this might have been what started it all?
What are your lights based on? Any chance they could have been switched on outside of HA and HA only displayed their change of state?

I am sorry to show you russian words, it is just too long to rename everything.
I have no script or automation like that (based on “Зал” light).
Now my lights are based on xiaomi and broadlink (lightnings are on broadlink).

"Any chance they could have been switched on outside of HA and HA only " - I tried to say siri to turn on lights and she turned everything on. Logs in HA were pretty the same. I have google assistant too, but only in one phone in an app, which I did not use quite long time. Don’t see any other ways, because it can not be done from mi app or broadlink app. Only homekit and siri

So, is there a way to see more logs? I can not find anything more that I’ve shown

The Logbook only shows a limited number of events. If you want to see more about what’s going on, look at home-assistant.log, which should be in your HA configuration directory.

Yeah, I did. There were only errors, nothing happened at the time of event