iOS 15 Focus Mode - accessible to HASS?

Upgraded to iOS15 and liking it so far. Just wondering - does anyone know of a way to tell Home Assistant if the phone is in one of the Focus modes? Would be great for doing things like turning on Alexa do-not-disturb when I’m in work mode, etc.

Look at the shortcuts app in iOS, and then automations.

You can initiate an automation based on your focus mode. From there you could trigger a script or turn on a boolean to kick of a series of actions in HA.

Once you select the trigger of the automation the docs for a script can be followed in the companion app docs.

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Thanks. Yep - I can confirm this works, and no confirmation required beforehand. Thanks!!

I’ve been using this to help work out whether someone is sleeping (Sleep focus), and therefore whether to trigger the lights coming on in their bedroom when motion is sensed.

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In the last updatelog for the IOS companion app, this is supported now.
But its not working on any of my devices…