iOS 15 location issues

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Hi All,

I’m just wondering if anybody has had any issues with their devices location wandering in iOS15, I understand it’s a beta at the moment so these things will happen. My home assistant has always been pretty accurate with locations until iOS15, now for some strange reason it keeps thinking I’m in the North Sea. I’m most definitely not in the North Sea :smiley:

Has anybody has similar?

Here is my log and picture from that location update. Literally seconds later it puts me back at home.

Debug: Removed

A gps coordinate incredibly close to 0.000000 longitude is pretty suspect if you live nowhere near there. I recommend deleting that gist now since it may contain private info.

First, make sure you are on the latest app release. A small location fix was included in the last one which I do not think matters here, but it also includes a helpful log to confirm if the app is mutating the latitude or longitude at all, in rate workaround cases.

I would be looking in the logs to make sure it is erroneous-from-the-system values (and not a bug in the app somehow) which is my strong suspicion. You can help confirm this via the full debug logs. Go to App Configuration > Debugging and choose the export option. You can then either: look in the logs for the word “fuzz” or send them via this Dropbox file request and I can take a look too.

This will be an interesting one to work around if Apple doesn’t fix it. A longitude of 0 is totally valid, so it will have to be based on historical data. I do not look forward to that!

Thanks, I’ve sent over those logs on the dropbox you linked.

I am running the latest iOS app and also have the latest HA 2021.7.3

I couldn’t see any mention of the word fuzz.

Thanks, it does look like the system is delivering both a valid coordinate and an invalid coordinate, but the invalid one is ever-so-slightly more ‘accurate’ so the app prefers it. I should be able to work around it for the next 2021.8 TestFlight beta so keep an eye out for that if you are willing to try out the beta.

It is also worth pointing out that this will prevent the location from going up if all we get are these ‘invalid’ ones. If you run into this, the logs from that will now include more information in the next builds that may help me debug what is going on.

Thanks for this, I’ll be sure to give the beta a go.

Whats very strange is that my partner also on iOS 15 beta does not have the same issue.

First, apologies for my English. I have a similar problem with the beta of ios15. When I go out of the house, the Home Assistant location goes crazy, updating my position every second, indicating that I have continuously changed zones, I have to disconnect the location permissions from the mobile so that automations are not executed. if you need the log file I have it available. I am using the latest beta of “TestFlight”