iOS 16 - Live Activities/ Home Screen Widgets

In iOS 16, Later this year, Apple will give developers the ability to create live lock screen notifications that it’s calling “Live Activities.”

Live Activities are similar to widgets on the iPhone home screen, but instead, live on the bottom of the Lock Screen and can display dynamic and real-time information. Similarly to how Apple Watch complications are made in the Home Assistant iOS Companion app, could iOS Home Screen widgets or Lock Screen Live Activities be created, to show sensor values or gauge views etc.

Yes that could be cool ! that or just adapting existing widget to the lockscreen

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I opened a github request for this feature a long time ago.
this is the link to the post:

Feel free to contribute to the conversation.


Instead of a “Live Activity” lockscreen widget … why not just add some general configurable HA lockscreen widgets for IOS 16? For example: show a specific sensor status/climate temperature/garagedoor status/…

I’ve opened a second thread for Lock Screen widgets in particular as this one seems to actually focus on live activities :grinning:

is anything happening on this request at all do you know?

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Live countdown timer would be really useful!

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