IOS 16 TTS Notifications Audio

Morning all. I’ve done a lot of searching on this one and am not quite sure what I am missing. Perhaps I just don’t have the right expectation so hopefully someone can tell me what I am missing. It’s my understanding that a TTS message sent to IOS should be read aloud is that correct?


This sends a message of TTS to IOS and that’s it. No audio is spoken, nothing heard just a message with TTS.

What am I missing?

TTS is not currently supported in the iOS app.

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Hi! But what about app (not notification)? In Media/Text to Speech/Google TTS works fine on IPad/Browser/Android. Is it possible to trigger some TTS while app is active? (for example my IPad switched on always)

When you say TTS works fine on your iPad via Media->TTS->Google TTS are you utilizing browser_mod to expose the iPad as a media_player or playing through the browser on the iPad? I ask because I’ve been exploring this for a sight impaired friend of mine and have come up with a couple of workarounds. Working on making it quicker though the ancient iPad might have something to do with the lag.

Hi! I mean TTS works only in “Media” section on IPad HA App. Unfortunately notification with TTS not working at all on any Apple device. And looks like that only Android feature…

I’m not using any assistant (Alexa, Google) speaker at moment, but for HA status/control screen have old IPad. Have tried several options, but can get TTS notification about actions happens only on my Android phone, not Apple device.

Due investigation, I got idea, that maybe you need to install some Google app on IPad to have all those Google TTS components, and even have installed Google Translate app. Not sure that it can helps… But later I have played with this Media page, and was surprised about working Google TTS, atleast it shows that you can get some voice. But now I’m in search, how I can trigger some TTS on IPad by automatization and there is no success…

I’ve found a couple of workarounds one utilizing browser_mod the other with no addons etc though in this video I’m using browser_mod to trigger the script instead of the more info dialog but obviously you can trigger the script however you want.

Edit: Was having trouble embedding video…hope it works for y’all.
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LastEdit: Oh well. There’s a link to the vid…y’all can watch it from there.

Let me know if this is what you’re looking for and I can give more info. Peace

On my wifes iPhone, I used the Dictaphone app to record a bunch of messages, like
“Smoke has been detected in the garage.wav”
I then imported those wavs into the companion app.
Now I can play those on her phone by sending a notification to her phone.
It’s not TTS, but for me it works.

service: notify.mobile_app_mobile_esther
  message: "Smoke has been detected in the garage"
        name: "Smoke has been detected in the garage.wav"
        critical: 1
        volume: 1.0

This was pretty much the only workaround I found as well.