iOS 16 with default device naming "iPhone" constantly breaks mobile app integration by creating redundant instances of same server


  1. Anyone else experiencing this?
  2. Any ideas on how to PERMANENTLY fix this?
  3. Will deleting the mobile app integration also delete the entities‘ history?

Seems quite special
I‘m also on iOS 16 without any problems

What iPhone do you have?

I got several, only one iPhone X has been updated to iOS 16 so far. Fear the same result for all other devices so they stay on 15.7 for now…

Happening to me too on my iOS 16 devices.

This happened to me as well after iOS 16 upgrade.

This issue was identified 3 months ago and has 5 issues opened (2 in Core and 3 in IOS), and still has no one assigned to it. The supposed fix doesn’t work, because as soon as you log out of the Companion App the Device Name reverts to a generic ‘iPhone’, and if you have multiple iPhones you can’t differentiate between them with targeted notifications. You can make it work if you only have one iPhone and change any entity references to it to the generic ‘iPhone’ in all of your automations and Lovelace.

I believe the IOS app needs updated to stop trying to pick up the actual iPhone name (which is no longer allowed with IOS 16):
iOS 16 device name missing from notify service and/or entities

Core issues opened but not assigned:
Mobile app: iOS 16 with default device naming “iPhone” constantly breaks mobile app

Actionable notifications not working with newer version

IOS issues opened but not assigned:
IOS App Not Preserving Device Name - Creating Generic Mobile App Entries

Known iOS 16, watchOS 9 issues

After upgrading to iOS 16 .0 my notification mobile name changed

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To set expectations, I am the only person who works on the iOS app and thus do not bother to assign issues to myself. I’ll be resolving this in the next week or two, you can read an update here.


Initially after seeing @mightybosstone ‘s summary post I started to rant „what, you know this for months (cause the iOS 16 beta version is out for a long time, isn’t it) and besides putting a workaround on the docs that doesn’t work you didn’t fix OR at least communicate this?!?“ but after reading @zacwest ‘s post I felt mad of those thoughts because I didn’t know only ONE person is actively working on the iOS app.

Well if I would have known this before I would simply have waited with updating to iOS 16 because now everything is pretty useless (UI, notifications, automations, …) generating a lot of trouble as things are broken. At least I can hold back the update for all other iOS devices for now, waiting for the fix.

Take your time @zacwest there are more important things in the world, one of the most important is what you experience currently :slight_smile: Thanks for updating and sharing your current situation.

If I would have a few wishes for free, that would be for the future:

  1. Communicate such breaking changes in advance (e. g. in the last 2022.9 HA Core blog or by sending an alert with

  2. Attract more iOS app maintainers, one is obviously a single source taking into account how many use this app and what they create with and rely on it.


Interesting: other apps obviously also hit that change. Apple, what did you do…

Sorry for the non-English language, just saw this for the PhotoSync app in the release notes.
Good thing: it can be fixed (or worked around).