IOS 17.4 Update webhook 404 errors

Hi, yesterday I updated my iPhone to latest IOS version (17.4) since then Home Assistant app does not work, checking the logs I am seeing webhook 404 errors. I have removed the app and reinstalled but still no success. The situation is the same if I use the browser on the phone so clearly linked to the update. Has anyone had the same issue and resolved? Thanks


Same here, I’d appreciate any advice.
Thanks everyone.

Same Topic here; since I updated to IOS 17.4 I only get the error Message “Unable to connect to Home Assistant.” but I`m still able to connect to the Home Assistant by Android or Webbrowser wihtout any problems.

Also activites from the iPhone like for example “Charging” are still shown in the LogFiles of HomeAssistant.

Did also reinstallt the app without any sucess.

I don’t know what happend, but it’s working again. There was no App Update that I have seen.
But just maybe it was to do with my general setup. HA is running on a NAS inside a docker container that was set to bridge mode. I was fiddeling around with it and set it to Host mode which let me find my sonos devices, but anyways. This morning there was an update to my NAS OS and as I startet the HA App it connected. Beats me, maybe Host mode did it, or the NAS update. I’m just glad it’s working again :slight_smile: