IOS 2.0 APP not working in iOS 10.3.3


I use an old IPad with IOS 10.3.3 at home, only for home assistant. I upgraded the app yesterday and although it runs I cannot switch on or off any light. Al they other IOS devices are working fine. The status of the switch is good, but no action. Most of the menu’s are working, but not all, e.g. the notification menu doesn’t work. I reinstalled the iPad completely (to clean the cache) but that did’t help. Can I go back to the old app?

No you cant.

Try doing a scorched eatth delete (for the ipad entries at least).

If all else fails, seek professional help:

Thanks Tom_I,

I tried it, but with no luck. Also Chrome and Safari give the same result (correct status of switches and other value’s) but switching a light doesn’t work…

I’d ask in the discord channel then. Robbie (the app developer) hangs out there.

It seems very odd that it only has a problem with commands and not statuses.