IOS acknowledge alert not possible

i tried to setup alert notifications if my door is open. I want to acknowledge those notifications.
I created an alert with the following coce:

    name: "Garagentür ist geöffnet"
    done_message: "Garagentür wieder verschlossen"
    entity_id: input_boolean.testnotify
    state: "on"
    repeat: 1
    can_acknowledge: true
    skip_first: false
      - mobile_app_iphone_swd

The notification comes to my iphone with ios 16.5 but its only a normal notification. I dont see any button or something else, where i can acknowledge the notification.
Is this not possible anymore?

Per the Docs you will need to acknowledge the alert from the front end -

a notification will be delivered until either input_boolean.testnotify no longer has a state of on or until the alert is acknowledged using the Home Assistant frontend.

Thanks. I found it. i added the alert entity to my dashboard and there i have a switch to acknowledge.
Its working.

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