iOS Actionable Notification for Alert Silence or Snooze Template?

Does anyone have a simple template or example for adding an iOS Actionable Notification for an alert that will either silence or snooze the alert for a period of time?

I’m just looking for a simple example that I can learn from and then customize for my needs.

I’ve been able to make the actionable notification show, but I’m not following how I get it to do something like silence the alert for a period of time. I’m thinking it requires a separate automation, but ideally I’d like one that I can re-use across other automations that push alerts.

Any good examples that are relatively simple that anyone can share? E.g. automation to push alert when door opens, add X and Y to provide the snooze option for 30 minutes.

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Recognizing this is an old question…I was after similar functionality and wanted to share the hack I cobbled together:

I achieved this by creating two scripts using the “confirmable notification” blueprint that installed with HA. In both scripts, the confirmation action does a thing (in my case, sets an input Boolean to true), and the dismiss action (ie “snooze”) waits for a period of time before calling the other version of the script. They continue on referencing each other for as long as you snooze the notifications.

I don’t like that this solution requires two scripts for every notification and came to the forums hunting for something better (or a single blueprint to at least streamline creating all these scripts) but, no success yet.

I also don’t like that the actions on the notification (in iOS at least) requires a long press to see, which I’ll be looking in to fixing eventually….

Anyway, here’s one of the scripts:

alias: Dog food reminder
  path: homeassistant/confirmable_notification.yaml
    notify_device: #This is where my phone’s ID goes…in the visual editor you’re provided a device selection drop-down
    title: Don’t forget
    message: …to feed the dog!
    confirm_text: I fed her
      - service: input_boolean.turn_on
        data: {}
          entity_id: input_boolean.dog_feeding_pm
    dismiss_text: Snooze
      - delay:
          hours: 0
          minutes: 15
          seconds: 0
          milliseconds: 0
      - service: script.dog_food_reminder_snooze #This is the second copy of the script. It’s identical, except this service calls back to this script
        data: {}
icon: mdi:dog
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