iOS Actionable Notification using Local account with 2FA

Hi All,

Just wondering if anybody else is having issues with actionable notifications on iOS. I have followed Drzzs ( process to configure a Sonoff SV to control my garage door and then his process ( to configure actionable notification when the door opens…

I receive the notification and also get the action button to close the door, but i have found that when using the new Local user config in HA, when i click the button to close my garage door on the actionable notification, i would receive an error on my dashboard advising “Login attempt failed” “Login attempt or request with invalid authentication from” with xxx being my external ip address. HOWEVER, when i enable the Legacy API authentication, i receive the notification and action button, and can use the action button successfully without receiving any errors.

Has anyone else experienced this?

thanks in advance for your assistance.

The iOS app uses legacy authentication. Try the beta version.

Awesome, thank you for sharing this. It has resolved my issue. I will provide feedback

Hello! I’m trying to make actionable notifications work with a group of iPhones but I always get “login attempt failed”. I have also tried with the new iOS beta app without any success. Anyone know if this is possible to fix somehow?

I found out that you need to remove “auth_provider - legacy_api_password” from the configuration to get actionable notifications to work again.