Ios Actions - automation not working after .115

Anyone else notice shortcut actions stop working?

I had an action to open my garage door and it no longer runs. If I directly run the automation it works, if I use the toggle in home assistant it works.
If I use the toggle in home assistant from my iphone it works.
Just not from the short cut menu anymore?

Working here on 0.115.0.

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Darn, ok I will trouble shoot some more.

Thank you very much for confirming it should still work.

Similar issue on my end. I use iOS Shortcuts to trigger a light when scanning NFC tags. The tag scans, it calls the action, no response.

I’ve tried to recreate the automation/action from scratch. You can even press the “play” button on the action to test it, no luck.

It’s like the link between Shortcuts and the Home Assistant iOS app is broken.

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Oh thats awesome, thank you very much for confirming its not just me.

I don’t believe this is 0.115, I believe this is iOS 14. You can temporarily work around this by providing {} as the data for the event in

In summary: it looks like any time the app is missing a piece of data in a Shortcut, it asks the system to either prompt the user or continue with the default value. When we ask the system to do this, on iOS 14, it instead silently drops the Shortcut and doesn’t do anything with it. This appears to be an iOS 14 regression in the system.

Thank you very much. I will test tomorrow.

I think I’ve found a way to work around it, will be putting it out in 2020.6.1.

For the record (and for other people searching) this impacts the following shortcuts:

  • Fire Event (without event type and/or data field)
  • Send Location (without location)
  • Get Camera Image (without entity id)
  • Render Template (without template)
  • Call Service (without service and/or data)

You can follow along in this ticket.

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Yeah, there is some really funky stuff going on here in iOS 14.

I can call the service with the “play” button in the Shortcuts app now successfully, with or without {} in the data field. The light toggles just fine.

However, now the NFC tag never reads/triggers the shortcuts app to actually call the service. I programed the same NFC tag (sitting in the same location) in the HA companion app and it works flawlessly every time triggering the event.

2020.6.1 is now rolling out, which includes a fix for this issue.

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I’m still on 13.6.1 with my xr.
I’m going to update now and then try the fix tomorrow.

Thank you so much!! I forgot to say thank you and I feel bad about that.

Working great on my end! Thanks @zacwest!!!

How did you fix this? Did you make a change to the event data for the trigger?
I only have actionname: field in there.