iOS actions vs android widget. why so difficult?

I’ve been an android user all my life and recently move to an iphone. On android, there was a super easy way to add simple button widgets on the home screen to trigger a service or turn on/off a switch, toggle, boolean etc where the widget configuration would let you select any kind of triggerable entity in HA.

Why is the widget experience in iOS so cumbersome? Whats with the iOS actions thing where it can only fire an event to the event bus, and I need to create an automation for each and every event for each and every service or switch I want to toggle.

I have searched the docs and forum extensively. I know in my heart that there MUST be an easier way and people aren’t possibly creating event triggered automations for widgetizing each light bulb, script, and switch they want to control from their iphone/ipad’s today screen or home screen!

please help

apologies. i had not seen this: Siri Shortcuts | Home Assistant Companion Docs

at first it seemed siri shortcuts would only be voice commands. seems they can be added as home screen widgets and icons and today view widgets as well!

it even allows triggering actions in HA based on iOS’s internal events (using the shortcuts app), and building complex automations inside iOS itself.

now this seems way more powerful than the possibilities on android