iOS and new auth system 0.78+

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I have 0.78.3 installed and the new auth system active. Per instructions I removed the api_password: entry in my configuration.yaml file. I have also created two users and I am the owner and enabled TFA.

So now on my iPhone, in the settings->Connection, I am presented with URL and password. Since there is no more api_password, this page will no longer save - I get a password incorrect.

Should I be creating a long-lived token for this page? If so, it seems redundant with the user/pass/TFA that you also get asked for.

EDIT: Created a long-lived token and it does not work in the Password field

How to proceed?


The api password is still required for the app until next release of the app.


Any idea when the new ios app version will be released?


Use the TestFlight version which supports the new Auth system.