IOS app 2.0 not generating 'service notify.mobile_app_myphone'

Hi, I might be missing something here but if so I cannot seem to locate any info for my issue so hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

I have installed the new iOS app 2.0 and everything works great for my iphone, however when installing it on my wife’s iphone 11 it generates all of the services correctly apart from ‘notify.mobile_app_phone’

I am setup as an administrator and she is setup as a user (to limit access to configs etc)
previously had her set up using my login credentials on her phone without any issue but then realised not a good idea so set her up as a user in her own right.
Would this be an issue with the app or would this be because she is only setup as a user in my HA instance?

Running HA .102.3 without any other issues

If you haven’t already, please read the migration guide. It sounds like you need to restart Home Assistant to me

Thanks Tom, that did eventually solve my issue but only after restarting HA 3 times though hence my post.

I’m having the same issue. I had to reinstall the Home assistant on my phone and the notify.mobile_app_ for that phone is not coming back :frowning: This happened before and kinda brakes my notifications since this is the first phone on the list on my automations, so no other notification will be sent :frowning:



1 Restart HA after ios onboarding
2 Close and restart HA ios app
3 The service should be created now.

I already do that and the service isn´t created yet. Any idea?

I’m having the same issue. I set up a second phone for my wife with a non-admin account and it’s not creating a notify service after restarting Home Assistant 3 times and restarting the app after confirming notifications are already enabled.

The link listed in solution doesn’t work anymore.

As users above we’ve added another mobile phone (iPhone) to the HA. Obviously it’s integrated (sensor-wise) but I cannot get notify service to appear. HA is already restarted 3 times as advised (btw who has invented that? Do I need to spit out over my shoulder too?). I restarted mobile app several times.

Still no related notification service in HA.

Is there any new, 100% working way of how to add notification service to HA?

Restarting HA is not required if you are using a recent version of core. This is an old thread you are resurrecting, which was working under a different set of constraints–since then, core has been updated to reload the notify service upon device registration.

You should check your HA logs to verify it us not complaining about duplicate device names. If it is, you can rename the device in (iOS-2021.4 and earlier: App Configuration > General, 2021.5 and later: App Configuration > Server row at the top). This in particular I cannot remember if it automatically updates the device registration. Backgrounding and foregrounding the app will cause an updated version of the name to be sent to the server.

You should also confirm you have granted notification permission in App Configuration > Notifications.

Thank you for the answer.
I managed to make it work by trial and error. Here are infornation I collected:

  1. It’s possible that iOS HA application shows notifications enabled even if it is opposite. It happens to me a few months ago when updating the ios application.
    In current case, the first installment as a result if iPhone config migration was showing notifications enabled. But after uninstalling and installing again, notifications were disabled.
  2. indeed new device has been added by migrating from old iP to new one. So device names were the same. HA hawever was able to adf new device automatically using suffixed device name. Previously it was: Joue, new device has Joue_iPhone. At this point the system gives no cues that it has problems with collided names. it’s rhe opposite. integration of new device incl sensors was working.

At the end I removed integration of new device (trying to reinitialize notifications) as well as uninstalled HA app from old phone. It resulted in new application using integration named after old app which made me even more confused.

Now it works but process or (re)registering app has some corner cases to be solved

with regards