iOS App and iBeacon Support

Does anyone have this working reliably yet?

I’m just in the process of setting up - I have 1 beacon (a couple more on order now I see the first one works OK), I’ll be testing over the next few days. The app sees the beacon OK and seems properly configured, but gives me a lot of beacon “exit” messages but no “entry” messages. Not sure if that is a problem or not and we’ll see if it works in practice but I was curious if anyone else has any positive experiences or tips they can offer.

I have an iBeacon at home purely for testing purposes. I noticed that increasing the radius causes exit events to happen less often, or more precisely they only happen when I actually leave.

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Good advice - thanks :slight_smile:

I never get entry notifications; but with the max radius set the exit notifications do seem correct. Also watching in OwnTracks in parallel when it shows the beacon fall out of range shortly after I get the HA iOS app notification.

I have never seen an entry notification even when I know it’s entered… I suspected that the entry somehow forces the location update instead.

It would also be nice to see the source of the location update beyond GPS; and see “Beacon” if it was from a beacon.

Interesting … I’m beggining to suspect there is just a bug in the entry text and it says exit instead.

I’m pretty happy with the BLE support in the iOS app - it made it reliable enough to use for presence, which it was not just using GPS.

Good guess! You were right and I’ve fixed it now:


Oh cool, glad we figured it out :slight_smile: