iOS app and removed custom-header

I tried custom-header extension and didn’t like it, removed it, removed all mentions in config and every thing is fine except it looks like my iOS app expects it to still be there. This results with multiple log entries every time I open/refresh the app.

Logger: hacs
Source: custom_components/hacs/
First occurred: 11:22:01 (3 occurrences)
Last logged: 11:24:46

Tried to serve up '/home/hass/homeassistant/www/community/custom-header/custom-header.js' but it does not exist

Any chances to fix this without reinstalling the app? :smiley:

If you go to the “App Configuration” menu and scroll to the bottom does “Reset Frontend Cache” fix it. Although that log error doesn’t seem to be from the app but from HACS

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Go to Configuration -> Lovelace Dashboards -> Resources and check if there are any resources left in there for Custom Header. You can remove any resources that are left over here to get rid of those errors.

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Forgot to mention - already tried that, no fix.

And yes log is from HACS but it only happens when I access HA from the app and jus means something is trying to access missing component.

That’s it! Thank you. I was loosing my mind and never thought to check there.
I was looking in config files before checking everywhere in UI :smiley:

Glad it worked. I had a few of these resources leftover in my config awhile back and it drove me crazy until I stumbled into that page myself.