Ios app and weblinks


Hi. Has something changed? Recently with weblinks in the ios app they would open within the app instead of opening a separate webpage in safari or chrome. This was much more beneficial to me as it hid the ip address from a security standpoint but also visually allowed the page to be displayed at a bigger size. Also being within the app it allowed me to navigate easier instead of having to switch between safari and the ios app. Is there an option I missed that allows me to switch back the behavior? Thanks for the help!


Still working for me, how did you do the weblink formatting? I use something like this:

       -  type: entities
            - type: weblink
              name: Outlook
              url: ms-outlook://
            - type: weblink
              name: PostNL
              url: postnl://
            - type: weblink
              name: Calendar
              url: weekcal://
            - type: weblink
              name: Bunq
              url: bunq://
            - type: weblink
              name: Maps
              url: maps://
            - type: weblink
              name: Apple Music
              url: music://
            - type: weblink
              name: Plex
              url: plex://

I do not use weblinks from my configuration.yaml, I only use this configuration in lovelace. You don’t need to set up weblinks in your configuration.yaml for this.


I have it like this but tried your way and same result…still opens it in safari


What app is it supposed to open with that address? Seems like a router page or something.


Logitech media server. It was working fine recently. Not sure what changed. I upgraded to HA 0.87.1.


Links have never opened in the app for me. They have always opened in Chrome or Safari depending on the “Open in Chrome” setting.


It definielty worked. Frustrating. Can’t figure out what changed