IOS app (cannot use configurator) resolved


I use the configurator for editing my yaml (Haasio on an rpi) files without issue on my mac/pc etc but when using the IOS app on my phone I only get a blank screen, can anyone point me in the right direction here as I am obviously missing something in my config


Are you on your own network? is your HA server reachable from outside your network? If so; what solution do you use?
Are the other addons working in the app?


I do not know if it has been tested on the iPhone with the app. You can file an issue here.

I know there is an open issue for Android that is a problem with the underlying Ace Editor.


@Pippyn same on both internal/external network, HA server is reachable from outside my network using duckDNS/lets encrypt add-on all other admins work fine in the app.

@bosborne ah right that could be it however, I do seem to remember seeing a similar post and it being resolved but for the life of me I cannot find that post.


I used to use the app in the same way (duckdns with ssl) and configurator worked fine. I now use a reverse proxy and configurator still works.
Did you forward the port in your router?


I just tested on mine & it works fine. You need to forward the configurator port (default 3128) in addition to the Home Assistant one.


Yep that did it, had forgotten to forward the port for configurator, thanks both!


Sorry for the misdirection. I just had not tried in the app & my HA is going through some development so was unavailable to test.


There are some known problems with ios and the configurator if you have the following enabled.

  javascript_version: latest

Though I haven’t tested this as I use the yaml mode (classic way of lovelace).