iOS app displays small

Hi, the companion app (both new v2.0 and previously) displays the HA frontpage in a very narrow single column. See the attached pic.

Any reason why? It has done this over a few Hassio version updates and for both the old and new 2.0 versions of the app.

Config at

On iPhone 8, Hassio 0.102.3

Do you see the same in safari?

Yes! And Chrome (on iOS).

Ok that’s a front end issue. Do you have one card that’s much wider or something? You’ll need someone with more experience of the front end side. It’s not an app related issue

Happened to me a few times.
Have you checked that it’s not a sensor displaying incorrectly putting the whole column out?
Mine did that when a zwave sensor went offline and appeared “not available”.
The sensor name was so long!! (not the friendly name) it messed up the formatting of the page.
If you can hide any missing sensors, that may be a start :+1:

Thanks @TomBrien, @Mobile_HA_Env. I’ll start by deleting the ‘under construction’ bits of my front end. I should be able to find it by the process of elimination.

Thanks for the tips.

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