iOS App not showing all text


Since updating to 0.81 (I’m currently on .6 but this seemed to start before that) the iOS app no longer shows all the text properly. For example, on the left navigation all the items are in lowercase, and the word ‘Overview’ is missing from the top. Also, in my scenes the word ‘ACTIVATE’ is missing. It’s the same in Lovelace. If I view things in Chrome then it’s fine.

I tried deleting the app, doing a hard reset and then reinstalling but there is no difference. Other than that, the app itself is working fine. Has anyone else had this issue?

This just started happening for me after updating from v114.2 to the latest v117.6…

It wasn’t an issue before but now “Overview” and “Settings” is blank on the left menu, and other pious have no visible text, etc.

Pressing on blank buttons works for the most part but it’s awkward.

Anyone know how to resolve this?

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