IOS app stuck with "5" badge

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I send a push notification to the IOS app and I am now stuck with the “5” badge on my app. How can I remove this?

Somewhere in your automation you have badge set to “5”. Change this to “0”. This will clear the badge on the icon.

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From the Service panel using the notify service for your device you can wipe away the 5 with this.

{"message":"This will remove the Icon number.","data":{"push":{"badge": 0}}}

however you need to find the automation that is setting the badge to 5.


Thanks it’s gone now. Didn’t work the first time weirdly.

You can now also send this special message to clear the badge:


There is also an option in the app to reset the badge.

I’m not nitpicking with this comment and I completely understand this is a super beta work in progress, I’m just trying to understand how the badge thing is intended to work… so in the docs, is says we can set the badge number in the data of the message. But we then have to manually clear it in the app or by sending another notification. In the app, there’s no way to view the accumulated messages, only in Notification Center. Is this all part of a work in progress or are we supposed to create some automations for clearing badges? Anyone have examples? Thanks!

I was assuming the number in the badge isn’t about the number of messages you have. It’s a way of denoting something using a number.

So maybe if your alarm was set in home mode you’d have the badge say 1 but in away mode say 2. When triggered it might say 999.

At least that’s what I’m doing anyway :slight_smile:

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Is it possible only to push a badge number without a message? I would like to show a badge number when certain things occur without the popping up message.

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How do you send that special message as part of a automation action?

Nevermind, if any one cares it looks like this.

  service: notify.ios_xxxxx
    message: "clear_badge"

I had to use

  service: notify.ios_xxxxx
    message: clear_badge

It wouldn’t work for me with the quotation marks around clear_badge

Noob question: but what is exactly the function of those badges?

Badge nummer can be reset in the app

Goto the setup page at bottom off this page there is option. Notify setup

At the bottom of page is the reset button “ set badge to 0”

Well for example when my alarm is armed home my badge is 1 and when armed away it’s 2. If triggers it shows 999 :smile:

Means I can tell my alarm state simply by looking at the home screen on my phone without opening apps.

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Hi, I know this thread is 3 years old, but I don’t see any button to reset the badge count from the app. Is this still possible?

App Configuration > Notifications > Reset Badge to 0