iOS app support for HA .84?

In reading the breaking changes for HA .84, it says that you can no longer opt-out of the new-auth. The current iOS app requires that the legacy API password be used.

Won’t this break the current iOS app?

Yep. Time to move to the (very stable) beta app. Unless that is being fully released too.

I would prefer to avoid moving to beta code. I don’t see any time frame on 1.5 going GA, which concerns me.

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I’ve been using the beta for about 2 months now and haven’t had any issues with it yet. It’s actually improved the location tracking a ton too.

FYI, I just upgraded to 0.84.1, and the original iOS App 1.1.1 still works.

So you still have the legacy api password configured?

yes I still have the api_password for this

Thanks, thats great news!