iOs app Switch pages


Hey all,

I have push notifications working on all of my iOS devices, but I can’t seem to figure out how to get the URLs to work. If I send a url with the full address it asks if I want to open that link outside of HA. Well, no I don’t, I want to have the app open and switch to a certain page.

For instance, we bored dogs and I have location tracking setup, I have alerts for when the dogs get out of bounds, but I want the app to open to page 6 which is where my tracking UI is.

What is the best way to format the URL in the push notifications that will open the right page within the app?


So, my terminology is incorrect after spending some time searching, I need to change views via push notifications.

Anyone know how to do this? I have found where you can open other apps, like the waze example, so i am guessing its along those lines, but nothing i have tried has worked.

ive tried these in the URL:

home assistant://lovelace/6


Interesting idea, but no there is no feature like this currently built in. Might make an appearance in v2.


Ahhhh… Ok good, well sorta, at least I know it wasn’t me over looking something obvious…Oh, I guess I did., LOL

Yeah this would be a great feature to add in, the ability to flip to a certain view is most valuable. Also, if there was a way to change the page of a certain user. I foresee I need for this soon, I was planning on developing a site in nodeJS for my TVs that allows me to change the “page” its on by sending a command over socketIO to hide and show divs. I use this method for a racing computer I made, and it works very well. iPhone is the remote to the computer which is a 7" touch screen mounted in front of my co-driver. Any who I ramble.

Would love to keep the UI all within HA,