iOS app very slow

Since the latest release 2023.5.3 and maybe also before a bit, the ios app is very slow, laggy.
I have an iPhone 13 pro, latest ios (no beta)

I tried reinstalling, beta version,… no effect.
I have 2 ha setups (different houses/ servers), both are slow.

When I use ha in the browser (mobile safari), it is quick and responsive.

Any ideas?

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I have exactly the same setup (except I’m still on 2023.5.2) und have the same problem.
The web interface on a computer is super fast. But the app is so slow and crashes a lot.

I have exactly the same problem since some time. Now on the lastest stable version 2023.5.3 and iPhone 13 Pro and have to click a few times on the menu buttons in the app to get a response.

My Dads iPhone XR is experiencing the same issue but not all pages are effected it seems.

Anybody found a solution other than using it in safari?

Have any of you force closed the app and cleared the cache (I’m on Android, so not sure what the iOS equivalents are called). I find that my app slows down every now and then (especially the case if I look at a lot of detailed graphs). This has always fixed the issue for me.

Yes even reinstalled it completely.

I additionally removed the server, deleted the app again, reinstalled it and added the server via ip directly (not homeassistant:8123)
For now it’s running smooth and without and freezes/crashes.

yeah prolly want to make sure it’s connecting internally too and not out the front door and back to your external Nabu casa cloud url.

i still have the issue, any other solutions?

Could the be some lovelace item which is blocking everything?

I cannot find anything in the logs

If I disable the HACS Solaredge Multi Modbus integration, the app works a bit faster. Maybe this is the culprit

i don’t have that addon running.
After a few days it’s slow again and always crashing.
Any hint what could be done or analyzed?

Maybe we can find things out Systems have in common.
I’m running it on a raspberry pi 4. I have a lot of dashboards and quite a lot of sensors. Maybe too many for a small raspberry. Processor load is around 12% and going up so 40 every 20-30 seconds. Couldn’t find out why. But maybe that’s also the issue

I think I „solved“ it. Changed to a ssd and restored from a full backup. Now everything is running smooth again. Not sure if it is the change to ssd or the new Installation an backup restore though.
My cpu load is so much lower now.