Ios app widget

I would like to suggest a feature for ios app that is the possibility to activate widget in ios, for example switch or activate some options within homeassistant.

Thank you.


@apalma, using a home shortcut in control center is also fantastic. Gives you 9 buttons (the top 9 favourites) everywhere with a force touch/long press

I have been wanting this for a while myself.

I don’t have any iOS dev experience, but I plan to start teaching myself for this very reason.

It might be a few months before I have something. Free time is rather limited.

I was considering this too.
Is there a reason we don’t have widgets in the app?
I imagine defining a service call or state would be not so hard to do.
Obviously the credentials would need to be saved in a keychain group name for the extension to access it.
Worst case scenario you create a long-lived token for the widget.

I can probably assist in some way if needed, writing iOS apps is what I do for a living.