iOS App won't hold selected dashboard as "default" dashboard

Hello all,

Can someone lend me a hand to help me figure out why the subject is behaving the way it is.

Essentially, if I select my default dashboard within the app. Close the app and then go back into the app. The app is not keeping my selected dashboard as default, it is going back to the “Overview” dashboard.

Thank you all for any guidance you can give in correcting this if it is possible.

I’m pretty sure the app uses cookies to store those use settings - I know it does in Chrome on Windows. Check your Cookie settings at Settings - Safari - Advanced.

So I have my default browser set as chrome in iOS. That makes me think that setting will hold true for the Home Assistant app also.

I made the change you spoke of for Safari also.

I will test this over the next few days and see what happens.

Thank you for the thoughts!!