iOS Camera notification with Image

Hi all

I used to have an Automation setup to notify my phone with an image should I have any movement on my camera. However since I have updated it no longer works. I assume this is because they have updated how it works.

Could someone please help me set this up as I’m getting confused using the iOS Actionable Notification guide?

I’m basically want to click on the notification to see a snapshot and have a button to goto a Lovelace tab.

Here is what my current automation looks like:

Many thanks

Was the update to Home Assistant or the app? Have you restarted HA after the app updated? And did you follow the instructions to remove the app integration in HA for your phone before loading the new app? Also, ensure that your service still correct.

Not exactly what you are looking for, but may be useful. I have a notification come in and it gives me a live view of the camera.

docs here: