iOS Companion App Actionable Notifications Snooze

I’ve setup some actionable notifications in NR and native HA automation, mostly with exterior door alerts if someone has opened/close or left a door open longer than a minute. With kids going in and out constantly, I’m finding myself wanting to add “snooze” options to some or most of these now. Is there an easy way to accomplish this so I can reuse it on multiple automations/notifications? Trying to find a way to scale without manually building into each notification.

hope this request makes sense.

I would put a PIR sensor near the door, then only trigger a notification if there has not been motion activity and the door is still left open for a given amount of time.

Not exactly what you’re looking for though. :pensive:

Thats one idea but doesn’t exactly accomplish what I’m shooting for. Hoping to find some “template” method or something to where I can build out a “snooze function” of sorts and reused it for multiple notifications by simply selecting it. Not sure if that is practical or possible without it causing conflicts.

What about using an input boolean that turns on when the notification fires and checked every X minutes to fire notification again until turned off - using an actionable notification to clear/turn off the input boolean?

Could this be accomplished if I wanted lets say 3 snooze options. 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes?

Then the next hurdle to clear would be how can I use this for multiple notifications. I have 6 exterior doors with open/shut sensors on them. Sometimes I just want to snooze a couple of them and not all.

Been a while since I did my actionable notifications but I think you can only have 2 options. If you really wanted to have multiple snooze lengths - you could set the actionable notification up to run a iOS shortcut which then would prompt you to choose a snooze length. Then trigger an alarm/timer based on said input? Prob getting more involved that what you are looking for though.

As for which doors - if you wanted independent control of the notification you would have to group the doors or keep them all seperate with indiviual notifications.