IOS companion App leaves multiple instances of phone tracker in Home Assistant

Hi I am pretty new at Home Assistant but learning. I had a good installation including a good working companion App. Due to something (error I made or if Iook at this community maybe a wrong SD card) my Home Assistant crashed. I had to install everything new, and for some reason I could not get the app to work the first time. So I deleted and started over, resulting in my iPhone appearing 3 times in Home Assistant. I can see no way of deleting, but it is very anoying.
Does anyone know how to delete these non-used trackers? And is it possible to re-order the home screen at all?
To show what I mean
Maxhomescreen tracker

Ive got the same issues after upgrading from the test flight app. everytime i have to reconfgiure the app it creates new entities

This might help

Thanks for the info I am going to test this as soon as I have time for it