iOS component now built into Home Assistant

As of 0.31 the iOS component, the notify platform, and a new battery sensor platform are all built into Home Assistant. Going forward, the iOS app will only be compatible with 0.31 and above because of backwards incompatible changes to the iOS component. Please upgrade your Home Assistant to 0.31 and remove the custom components ASAP. I expect the first breaking build to go out tonight or tomorrow.



Does this mean the current app won’t work with 0.31 (0.31.1)?

I seem to have lost all notifications with both of these versions. (Upgraded and removed all iOS specific custom_components stuff.)


That is correct. The new build will be out in the next few hours. I need to write some documentation first because configuration syntax changed a bit. Sorry for the delay!


Does this mean the iOS app will soon hit the App store?


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Is the iOS app open source, by chance? I’m an iOS eng and wouldn’t mind poking around.