iOS Dark Mode Theme

Perfect, that is exactly what I was after! All working now, Thanks!

On iOs, the status bar still shows as blue. I looked at and noticed you do have this defined in the theme as grey. Any idea what I can do to make this grey rather than blue?

Thank you for producing this. It’s stunning.

EDIT/FIX: I needed to set the theme on the ipad under the user (which was the same user as the desktop user )

Does anyone know why the icon for the logged-in user (bottom of the sidebar) is not using accent-color like other themes? Does anyone know how to get it to use “accent-color”?

I know this question has been asked a 1000times i quess but i can’t figure out what happened.
After updating, my background is gone. Now, whatever i try, i can’t get it back.

I’ve used:

  background-image: "center / cover no-repeat url(’/local/homekit-bg-3.jpg’) fixed"

Any suggestions?. I just have a black empty background.

have you rebooted HASS after change the background?

Multiple times :confused:

Alright. Strange…

I’ve changed the double " to a single ’ and it’s working…

background-image: 'center / cover no-repeat fixed url("/local/homekit-bg-3.jpg")'

Hello guys,

This theme is super cool and I love it, but I can’t figure out how to change the sidebar UI:

What I wronged?

Since 0.113 my sliders are back to default orange.
Has any one else experienced this?

Hi @lolouk44,
This doesn’t happen for me.

On the other hand, try iOS Dark and Light Mode with easy background change - A theme pack which is much better supported :smile:

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Hello everyone, struggling to get the header coloured differently.

tried to add this

ch-background: ‘rgba(174, 179, 169, 0.8)’

to both lovelace UI editor and the ios-light-mode.yaml.

i have custom header installed with HACS.

any can help?

Hi Bas,

I have a background picture set like in my lovelace dashboard by adding:

background: center / cover no-repeat fixed url('/local/images/BnWRear.jpeg')
title: Longitude 9° Control Panel

at the top of the loavelace code. Works however its sticks to the card and it would be nice if the cards slide over the picture like on a iPhone or Whatsapp background. Are there attributes to set to make that happen. I have removed fixed form the statement but it doesnt make a difference…

sorry, I don’t under how do I put this one.


I’ve followed the steps to get the theme going (installed the two themes “iOS Dark and Light” from HACS, amended the config.yaml file and the Lovelace RAW). However, cannot see the different theme options when I open the drop down - can only see four options:

  • Default
  • Backend-selected
  • iOS dark mode
  • iOS light mode

Any ideas? I feel I’m missing something re the

Running Home Assistant 0.116.4


Did you mean to post in iOS Dark and Light Mode with easy background change - A theme pack?

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Yes! Thanks. Sounds like someone had the same issue. Will follow up there

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I cannot seem to get the weather widget working in the iOS dark mode theme. how did you get yours to work

Anyway to change the header colour now that custom header is archived?

is it a known issue with background image being broken when the dashboard it very long and has a vertical scrollbar? First time I open such dashboard - it loads with artifacts like on the screenshot below, but can be in different parts of the dashboard (probably depends on which sections loads first fully).
Once I slightly scroll the page - background goes back to normal. I have one standard dashboard literally with everything, but the background on it drives me crazy each time:

Hi there,

I’m using ios dark theme and one specific font in yaml editor is dificult to read (the blue one in the image):

Does anyone know what color to change in the theme file?