iOS device detection not working

I wonder if maybe its because I have some old entries in my core.device_registry file.
What is the official sanctioned method to clean up this file?

Having the same issue. Have HASSIO 0.87.0 running in a VM with latest version of the iOS app and a valid certificate. Can login and everything. But my phone doesn’t show up in

I was having this same issue after upgrading to 0.87.0 (large jump from 0.73 or something) and after moving my known_devices.yaml file (effectively deleted it), deleting ios: from my configuration.yaml file, removing the Home Assistant IOS intergration from Configuration -> Integrations, resetting the app settings, logging in on the app, then reenabling the Home Assistant IOS configuration, I’m able to connect correctly and update my location.

From trying so many different things in random orders, I can’t say if it came down to one thing or all those things.

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Will try this.

BTW I don’t think deleting known_devices.yaml contributes to your success. I already did that and still have the issue.
Just deleted ios from config and removed the integration… rebooting now.

I found when I re-enabled the integration it still had the same three devices configured.
Also location pushes still not working :frowning:

Weirdly the other data such as iOS version, battery level, charging status etc seem to update OK.
Its just location that does not…

Now working :slight_smile:
I think it was not re-enabling ios in config (I though that the ios integration would do that without needing to re-enable ios: in config)

I’m in the same spot as you do. Batery level and charguing status, but no iphone device.
What do you mean with ios re.enabeling? Is this it?

  • remove ios: from conf.yaml, reebot
  • open HA app
  • enter again ios: on the conf file; reebot

Is that it?
Thanks for the support

If you’re using the beta 2 app, add zeroconf: and mobile_app: to config yaml file. It doesn’t use .ios.conf.After you then auth with the app, restart Home Assistant and there will be a device_tracker.big-ugly-HEX-UUID as a device you will see in the dev tools and you can then use that in lovelace etc.


Hi David,
I’m using the official app from the app store. With the above method it still didn’t work.
I tried re.install the app and clear my conf files. But I can only get the battery status indicators, but not the ipone itself.
Would it be any diferent with the beta2?

Generally I’m now suggesting people move to the 2.0 beta app if your device supports it.

Just tryng to install beta2 app, but:
After inserting my external access URL (using duckdns + caddy ssl), I can make the logon, but on the app configuration page it gets a error message about not being able to connect trough SSL and the app gets stuck on the last step “sensors configurated”.
Any idea what could be wrong here?

PS: even with the error message, all the above fields are checked green (integration created, nabu casa, encrypted comunications).

ok, finalyy managed to logon with the app. I had to enable remote control URl on HA.
But the main problem continues. I now have a bunch of iphone sensors(steps, floors, batery, … whatever) but not the iphone itself.

Do you have any device_tracker entities you don’t recognize?

Well, this is strange. I was out of the country for some days, and tried to connect to HA remotly by the app. At THAT time, the device tracker finally appeared. yeahey !!!
But, as soon as I arrived home, the device was no longer updating. I got the device on the known devices.yaml, I even tried to rename it, but is like it is not dettected anymore. Allways giving status away. I could even saw in the map, that it dettected the country where I was at. But now everything gone.
Any idea what can it be?

How can I use this “device_tracker.big-ugly-HEX-UUID” for notifications? I still cannot use notifications from HA to Iphone.

You can’t use it for notifications. The notify is created separately.

ok, now i figure it out. I had to start from scratch, due to inital problems installing Beta 2.