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iOS device detection not working


I wonder if maybe its because I have some old entries in my core.device_registry file.
What is the official sanctioned method to clean up this file?



Having the same issue. Have HASSIO 0.87.0 running in a VM with latest version of the iOS app and a valid certificate. Can login and everything. But my phone doesn’t show up in Hass.io



I was having this same issue after upgrading to 0.87.0 (large jump from 0.73 or something) and after moving my known_devices.yaml file (effectively deleted it), deleting ios: from my configuration.yaml file, removing the Home Assistant IOS intergration from Configuration -> Integrations, resetting the app settings, logging in on the app, then reenabling the Home Assistant IOS configuration, I’m able to connect correctly and update my location.

From trying so many different things in random orders, I can’t say if it came down to one thing or all those things.

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Will try this.

BTW I don’t think deleting known_devices.yaml contributes to your success. I already did that and still have the issue.
Just deleted ios from config and removed the integration… rebooting now.



I found when I re-enabled the integration it still had the same three devices configured.
Also location pushes still not working :frowning:

Weirdly the other data such as iOS version, battery level, charging status etc seem to update OK.
Its just location that does not…



Now working :slight_smile:
I think it was not re-enabling ios in config (I though that the ios integration would do that without needing to re-enable ios: in config)