iOS device detection not working


My iPhone does not appear in my installation. I’ve added ios: and tried the regular as well as the beta App from the app-store. I also changed the name from my device to make sure it contains no spaces.
What else could I try?


adding homekit component solves this


Do you have discovery enabled?

If so, try leaving your phone on the iOS app startup/settings screen when you restart HA.


I have added this to my config file without an effect. :frowning:


Discovery is enabled, leaving my phone on the iOS app startup/settings screen while rebooting was not working. (Same is true for my iPad)


Any other thoughts? I’m running out of ideas. I’ve restarted, added and removed ios:. I also had a look into the logs, but could not identify any issues…


Do you have an “.ios.conf” file in your /config folder?

Is so, rename it “.ios.conf.bak” and try discovery again.


No, I don’t have a file “.ios.conf” in my /config folder. Also manually creating does also not help.
I followed all steps you’ve suggested in this thread. I see this behavior on 2 iOS devices, hence I guess it has something to do with my hassio installation. It looks like something prevents the creation of the “.ios.conf”-file.


Further hints:
I’m getting an 405-error if I’m trying to push my current location. (iOS App 1.5.0 32; hassio 0.84.2)
I’m on HassOS 1.13 and running the installation behind an NGINX Home Assistant SSL proxy. (valid SSL)


I’ve updated system and app today, but still facing the same issue. Anything more I can do?


No one who can help me to debug this behavior?:sob:


I had exactly the same problem and found another thread with a solution that worked for me (adding api_password in the http section of configuration.yaml) plus ios:. With luck, we same fix might work for you. The link is:


The latest version of the app does not use legacy authentication so that fix is no longer valid.


+1 for getting this when pushing location:

This is with latest version (0.86.2).
In the HA log there is nothing.

I tried to configure the ios app to not use legacy authentication, but it always switches it back on.
Also if I remove the legacy api_password in config yaml then it seems the app cannot even detect the ios component and hence disables device tracker etc anyway… :frowning:

IMO What HA urgently needs is a user management UI which allows linking multiple devices from multiple trackers to a given user, and then tracking that user for occupancy and zones. The current approach with known_devices yaml is quite cumbersome.


The latest version of the app does not use legacy authentication

It seems the latest version uses the new auth for the UI login - i.e. to display the HTML UI, but it needs the legacy API to support the IOS component.


Because I’m curious: Does Hassio create a ios.conf file?


TBH not sure. I upgraded to hassio ~1 yr back, but maybe the ios conf predated that and never got cleaned up…


Also I think possibly this thread should be under the IOS category. Seems like it could be a bug in the hass/ios app infrastructure and maybe the app author (@robbiet480) can help us if its in the correct category?


I‘ve moved the thread to the iOS category as suggested by you.


Hi Folks.

Still seeing this 405 error whenever I try and push location from ios app to HA(ssio).
Is anyone else seeing it? Is it a known defect for ios?