iOS device tracking issues

So I am having a very weird time with one user in particular, and its a iOS device of course. I’ve been fighting this one now for over 6 months.

I had another play tonight and, I found something interesting. When I check the entity manually, say device_tracker.iosdevice it is actually updating correctly, however.

When I go to the person with the correct entity assigned, when I click that person’s card on the dashboard the location does not update at all. For example, the entity will show last updated 8 minutes ago when I do a manual update, but the card on the dashboard just does not change at all, if you leave it for 4 hours, it will show 4 hours.

I have double, tripple tripple checked that it is the correct entity assigned, and it is as it is the only iOS device and the only entity with a name even similar.

I then created another user, called test, assigned the same entity to that user, and added the same device tracker to that user, same behaviour.

Any ideas on this one?