[iOS Feature Request] Apple Healthkit Integration

It seems we’re already utilizing some of the iOS platform integrations within HomeAssistant, however not HealthKit.
Currently the health section of components is lacking abit which is then causing us to build our own integrations - With this data already in an accessible place.

I currently have a python script running to poll for changes to my logged weight on Myfitnesspal to then return it to a sensor within Home Assistant. This is a long winded way of retrieving data I originally store in Apple Health.

Could healthkit integration be looked into?


I hope this gets integrated as well. I’ve been asking about this since the first ios app beta I tried.
I want a sensor for my steps mainly so I can easily see my progress and get notified if I need to do a bit more steps at the end of the day for example.

if you are using owntracks: owntracks does send steps and walking-distances that are stored in healthkit if polled. i’m using it successfully as a step sensor:

@diplix thanks for sharing this! I’ll look into this :slight_smile:
do you need to have the app active all the time or does it still work if you force close it?
also is it possible to use this without having the tracking of owntracks active?

healthkit now has events like: “in-bed” “asleep” “awake”. if you have a sleep monitor.
This woudl be great triggers for home automation routines. Is anybody at all looking into integration of healthkit?


Following up on this, HealthKit isn’t ever happening at this point. Two primary issues:

  1. We only can read data from HealthKit when the device is unlocked. This would mean that the majority of the time when we are doing background updates, health data wouldn’t be accessible.
  2. Since the app first came out, Apple has published documentation about getting approval for HealthKit access and it is very unlikely the app would get approved. Approvable apps must make health and fitness the primary, not secondary, function of the app. More info is available here..

Sorry everyone, but this is dead for now. As always i’ll keep an eye on developments in the space but I don’t expect Apple to relax their privacy oriented policies anytime soon.

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Wouldn’t it be possible to use the HealthFit app (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/healthfit/id1202650514)

It can sync Health data to i.e. Google Sheets.


Great news!

This is precisely the app that was supposedly impossible to get Apple validation for.

I don’t own it yet but by looking at the number of export destinations, I’d be shocked if we don’t figure out a way to sync back data to HA. We could even get in touch with Stéphane Lizeray to collaborate on a dedicated HA integration that would probably ensure real-time events as well as data points logs.

Never despair,


Any news here? @arnaudm did you try the app?

@arnaudm / @martindybal - I own the app (HealthFit) and would be happy to help test.


Did anything come of this? I am exploring FitBit and Withings to see if they will export Apple HealthKit data. I’m specifically trying to pull in workout count # and water intake.

@akeslo sorry I miss your comment. HealtFit looks exactly as app that we need. Is it possible to add HA as target platform?

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@martindybal - Sorry I meant that I paid for the app and would be happy to help test. I am not the developer.