IOS Frontend hangs but only from shortcut

For a short while, possibly since I upgraded to ios 10, my front end has been hanging on my iphone- I just see the logo and a spinning black circle. The funny part is it only does this when I launch it from a shortcut on the home screen. Running from within safari or chrome is fine, it It is also fine on my iPad running from a shortcut.

Has anyone else seen this or have any suggestions on how to troubleshoot?

Hi aimc,

I ran into the same issue. In my case, my public IP address changed. After updating the A record in DNS for my hostname, the iOS home screen bookmark no longer worked and I had the black circle. If I visited HA in a regular browser it worked fine, just not the home screen bookmark.

I had a feeling it was related to some sort of application caching, so I downgraded HA to v.27.2. After doing that it worked again. Then I upgraded, and it stopped working.

So my current theory is that there is something being cached by the home screen bookmark and that if the HA is upgraded or downgraded that causes it to reset the cache. But I still haven’t been able to figure out a way to resolve the issue without upgrading or downgrading.

That’s interesting, thanks for the confirmation - it probably started happening when I upgraded to 0.28 then. I’ll have another play and look around and see if I can find a reason for it or an easier way to fix it.