Ios frontend problem


After the 0.5x upgrades my frontend on ios phone is peculiar. All the red colors under the icons are gone.

Also as of 0.5x, ios connections are problematic, I get connection timeouts trying to connect to the front page. When I retry after a connection time out error, the telephone connects to the front page. Having the same issue in both chrome and safari.
The connection from the pc works ok.

I would also like to emphasize that I am using ssl (lets encrypt) and my router does not support nat forwarding. So that’s why I am using a dns server on the raspberry pi to forward the traffic of to (the ip of the pi). As ios devices can not connect to an unsigned host. I don’t know if this changes any thing or not.

Any one having similar issues? Any way to fix these?

Thank you.


Yeah, just update iOS and it should fix it.

Thank you for the answers.
The reason I am not updating ios yet is jailbreak avaliability.
I will wait for ios 11 then.