Ios Home Assistant app and public IP address - how?

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Is there any good applications for your iphone / iPad when running Home Assistant. Currently I have a problem on my ios devices not being able to provide it with both local and public IP address.
It works on my android devices where I’m using Ionuts Ariela, which works flawlessy.

Any good suggestions for ios and how I can achieve the same?


Why do you need to use both? No NAT loopback?


Well unfortunately the ISP router is not that intelligent.


You can use an internal DNS server to override your external domain with an internal IP address. I use it as its a lot faster refreshing pages, and it works fine.

If you are already using a Pi, you can use Pihole to do this. Your ISP router might even do it, if you can create Static DNS entries.


I already looked into that - could be a solution!
Or I might just buy a decent router and use the NAT loopback function.