iOS Home assistant as a device tracker. Internet required?

This weekend ran into an issue where I had power, but no internet for the whole weekend. I realized that a bit too much of my configuration relyed on other services that required internet connection. Hard to have a totally local system, if the key components require internet.

Which brings me to this question. Although I totally understand there would be no way for the app to properly provide location details while away from home, would it provde a Home status when I got home and connected to my wifi, also maybe as or more importantly, would it provide an away (not_home) status when disconnected from wi-fi, or would it just hang, providing no status, or the last status.

Overall I find the app is ok, even with internet, it tends to be hit or miss, which is why I had moved away from using it for much of what I do, but now I want to make sure I have a few device trackers that can provide a good home/not_home status that does not require internet.

EDIT: Also will the app receive notifications if locally connected with no internet?

Edit2: the more I think about it, I would probably not leave my phone on wifi for an extended period of time if there was no internet available, Iā€™d be using my phone celluar data, so that means no local control or notifciations on the phone. Hmm, maybe for the 1st time I see the benefit of a small tablet wall panel, or at least pulling out that old unused ipad for some local control and alerts.

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