iOS keeps resetting the location setting back to while using the app

Hi All,

Does anyone know how to fix this? The companion app works fine but the location setting keeps changing back to while using the app from Always. I have no problem with Android but iOS is driving me nuts! Is this an iOS things or the companion app? I have turned on everything as recommended but still location changes back to while using the app which is utterly pointless.


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Turned out, it’s my wife’s phone, that she kept turning it off as per iOS 13 that keeps promoting you to turn this off. Embarrassing really!

Hey my friend ! Do you still remember what happened exactly? My friends phone keep not changing location settings to “while using”. Therefore HASS doesn’t update his location. I know that he uses Battery Saver mode sometimes but He said that he didn’t change the location setting.

Thank you

Hi there,
This was happening on my wife’s iPhone. iOS keeps prompting the user to confirm if they still want to use always on location for the apps that have this setting. So my wife was turning it off and I thought it was iOS doing something. So once I told her to make sure she selected always on if she sees that… it was “fixed” :slight_smile:
I hope this helps.

IOS keeps asking you even after you answer for the first time?
Thank you

Yep, it keeps prompting randomly. I think it’s to make sure you still want to allow the app to use your location all the time. So you have to make sure you tap Always.

Mine also keeps turning itself off. Does anyone know if there is a policy setting somewhere on an iphone to make it stop doing this, please?

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@xerxel ever figure out how to stop the phone from asking?

same issue here - It was fine for 18months and has not started this behaviour. very annoying

Same here. My wife’s iPhone 14 max pro is asking what to do with location services.
It runs latest OS version.

Just found the reason. It appears it asks my wife too. See below to fix this.

See: Why your iPhone keeps asking about background location use in How to Geek.
Setting the privacy value will do that.