iOS Local Network Partial Functionality

I’ve run into a bit of odd behavior with the Companion App. It had been working well until about a month ago, with no changes to the Companion App configuration. Whenever I am on my local WiFi network, the Companion App interface only partially loads, then freezes completely. If I move onto LTE, it functions perfectly. I’ve tried logging out, deleting the app, restarting phone, reinstalling app. This has persisted through multiple HA/Supervisor versions. I also see the behavior if I open HA through iOS Safari on my local network. Access through Chrome on my PC/Laptop work great on my local network. If I use Nabu Cloud through the Companion App on my local network, it will work, but is rather sluggish.

HA Setup Info:

  • Installed in VMware VM
  • HA version: 0.111.2
  • Supervisor v. 227
  • Latest version of Companion iOS app
  • Using DuckDNS

App on WiFi:

This is the app on LTE/Nabu Cloud on WiFi:

Do you see the same behaviour if you connect to home assistant via Safari on iOS?

Hi Tom - Yes, if I open HA via the DuckDNS URL through Safari on iOS, it exhibits the same behavior as the app.

Probably worth flagging this up to the front end team. This sounds similar to to me

Can do. Thanks for the feedback!

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