IOS location not showing

I am using (latest version) and working to get my connected HA ios App to show up on my map. I am able to get it connected and the battery and plug/unplug status are showing but i have been unable to get the presence to show.

Does anyone know what I can do to get this to work or start to figure out what is wrong?

In the ios app I have checks next to “iOS Component Loaded” and “Device Tracker Component loaded”.

Really No one any ideas on this?

If you mean the map on HA. whatever device_tracker you have if they are ‘home’ will not show on the HA map.

Also there might be some delay on HA map, this is due to IOS themself have their period of time checking the location example like every 30 mins(check) for security or battery purpose.

Thanks for your reply. I don’t see my device anywhere. Not @home not @ any other zones if have declared.

check the name of your iphone. setting>general>about>name / check for space or symbolic that might cause some error. I use non-capital letter and no space. Example sun or suniphone.

When my phone connect to my network (I use nmap as device_tracker) and have discovery: <== in my configuration.yaml to check for new device connected to my network.
New device will be list in known_device.yaml <=== you can see and recorrect the mac address of iphone, name and picture.

I use owntracks to see the location when go outside, this read from gps.

I use icloud2 also to track my location when I go out side, from this link iCloud custom_component device tracker that will not drain your battery

If you use homeassistant app from your iphone also help with tracking there is a setting for location and many more.

As I use owntracks and icloud for gps tracking. They show 2 icons 1 phone on map (this name can be set in known_device.yaml)

Thanks for your reply. I’m using the HA app for this. I played around a saw no known_device.yaml popping up. I have created the file and now it is working as supposed to.

More details on ios devices are stored in the .ios.conf hidden file, just in case.